Learn from Andrew Scheps and Tchad Blake

Earlier this year, more than 600 artists from across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa entered the Music in Motion song competition for a chance to win a collaboration session with chart-topping producers.

In the introduction video above, award-winning producer Andrew Scheps starts collaborating online with the winning band Her and then invites them into the Monnow Valley Studio to complete the production. You’ll see how Andrew uses his Pro Tools | HDX rig and Pro Tools 12.5 to streamline his recording workflow.
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  • As an added benefit once you've signed up, you will receive, in August, an exclusive video with Tchad Blake explaining how he mixed this song entirely in the box, as well as sharing his tips and tricks for Pro Tools. 
Her is the winner in the Songwriter category of Avid's Music in Motion competition.

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