Got Eleven Rack? Get the free standalone Eleven Rack Editor

Eleven Rack Editor DownloadEleven Rack players have made it the #1 request, and we’re thrilled to deliver what you asked for. Meet the Eleven Rack Editor*—a 64-bit standalone version of the Eleven Rack Control Window found in Pro Tools 10 and earlier software that provides a more intuitive way to get the sounds you need from your rig, faster.

  • Easily configure Eleven Rack using your Mac or PC, without launching Pro Tools
  • Change guitar pedal, amp, and speaker settings using the graphical interface
  • Download and play thousands of presets from elevenrackpresets.com and other portals

Register to download your free Eleven Rack Editor and get that perfect guitar tone now.

*Please note that the Eleven Rack Editor only works with Eleven Rack systems running Eleven Rack Expansion Pack (firmware version v2.0 or higher), requires a 64-bit operating system—Windows 8, Windows 7, or OS X 10.8 or later, and latest Eleven Rack drivers for your system.

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