Accessibility in Audio

Jason-Dasent-Headshot-250x250.jpgJason Dasent has over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of recording and music production. Jason launched Studio Jay Recording in Trinidad in 2000 catering to both the Advertising Sector and Artist Production for many top Caribbean recording artists. He has done Music Scores/ Dialog Replacement & Post-Production for both films & documentaries.

As a visually impaired producer he was challenged to overcome the limitations of mainstream music software when “accessibility” was in its infancy. Over the years this has enabled him to compete successfully with his sighted counterparts and makes him well poised to impart his knowledge and experience to other visually impaired producers and engineers.

In 2017 Jason became a member of a worldwide team of Beta testers for accessibility with AVID Pro Tools, the first DAW to fully support accessibility. With only a handful of music equipment manufacturers making their hardware and software accessible to differently abled music industry professionals at that time, Jason, along with a small team he put together, began developing overlays to popular music production software, thus making them accessible to screen reading software. He initially did this for his own use in studio, but soon realized that these overlays could benefit the entire visually impaired community globally.

Join us for this webinar as Jason discusses the unique challenges he encounters while working in the music industry and his experience of helping audio manufacturers to make their products accessible to everybody. We will also be joined by Ed Gray from Avid who has been instrumental in driving accessibility in both Pro Tools and Sibelius.

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