Be First with Breaking News

When major stories happen, every second counts. The last thing you need is for your workflow or systems to get in the way. That’s why we developed the open and integrated Avid MediaCentral Platform, empowering global news teams to produce media-rich content and deliver it to more people across more platforms faster than ever before.

See how you can be first to deliver breaking news—on air, online, and on mobile devices. Register to watch our newsroom workflow demo and discover how you can…
  • Break stories across web and social platforms as they unfold from a single interface
  • Access media, create multiple story angles, and work on projects from any location
  • Build stronger, more visually compelling stories with powerful on-air graphics
  • Get breaking news on air faster by uniting your news team to increase productivity
  • Engage viewers and keep them tuned in with audience interaction tools
Don’t be late to the story—watch the video and find out how you can improve your newsroom efficiency now.

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