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Avid | Edit on Demand is a cloud hosted SaaS platform that delivers virtual video editing and storage as an on-demand service. It makes it easy to scale distributed remote teams and ramp up new post- production projects. Contact us today to request your 7 day free trial and a member of our team will reach out to you.

Discover how you can

  • Quickly deploy cloud-based video editing suites
  • Collaborate remotely with distributed teams removing geographical barriers
  • Share and store media securely while safeguarding your content from unauthorized access
  • Use Avid as a virtual Rental House in the Cloud

Take advantage of these video post- production benefits upon sign up

  • Project based agility – Access fast burst capacity to handle production surges so you can spin up your virtual edit bays to meet project needs and spin them down when the job is done
  • Cost effective – Pay as you go simple subscription and billing editing as a service
  • Cost savings - No need for any upfront capital investment in on-premises hardware
  • Simple set up taking the pressure off your IT or support teams

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