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Apply for Early Access to Avid | Edit On Demand

Avid | Edit On Demand is currently in Early Access release. We are offering the first commercially available subscriptions to a small set of customers in the Early Access Program before the product is available to the general public.

This invite-only program allows us to work closely with a handful of early adopter customers to fine-tune Edit On Demand and make sure it perfectly meets or exceeds their expectations of a fully cloud-native virtual production studio.

If you need:

  • Dead-simple, pay-as-you-go cloud-based professional video editing and storage
  • Fast deployment so you can spin up or scale your production resources quickly
  • Truly virtualized remote video production – no on-prem setup or hardware required
  • Secure, encrypted file transfer and access

Then Avid | Edit On Demand is for you. Apply* for Early Access now

*Note: There are limited spots available. Not all who apply will be accepted. Avid reserves the right to review and approve all applications.

Sign me up:

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