Live Webinar: A Tour of ARA 2 Melodyne Integration in Pro Tools

Live Webinar: A Tour of ARA 2 Melodyne Integration in Pro Tools 

MasterCraft_Icon-78x78.png Tuesday, September 27th 2022
10:00am PDT / 1:00pm EDT / 6:00pm GMT 
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You heard that right—ARA 2 Melodyne integration is coming soon to Pro Tools. Want to see how it’ll transform your workflow?

Join us live online to discover all the advantages that ARA integration brings to your workflow. Hosted by experts from Avid and Celemony, this webinar will feature a special guest appearance from Devvon Terrell, who will demonstrate how he utilizes this new capability.

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Devvon Terrell
Artist, Songwriter, Influencer
Devvon Terrell is an R&B artist, songwriter, and influencer from Brooklyn, NY with his own urban style and sound that is a testament to his generation. He took the internet by storm, showcasing his talent on various remixes, covers and original videos on YouTube that have collectively generated over 100,000,000 views. Furthermore, he has also amassed over 60,000,000 streams on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Devvon Terrell also has countless song credits in several publications, shows and brands. Some include Captain Morgan, Pepsi, MTV, and VH1.
Stefan Lindlahr
Stefan Lindlahr
Product Specialist - Digital Music Production, Celemony
As a Melodyne product specialist, Stefan is part of the Celemony development team, contributing his many years of studio experience as well as his ideas to the design of the product. His workshops and videos are very popular as they offer the unique opportunity to get to know Melodyne directly by one of its makers.
Dave Tyler
Dave Tyler
Audio Presales Manager, Avid
Avid’s Audio Presales Manager, Dave Tyler, works with some of the most interesting and inspirational artists, producers and content creators in the industry. Dave has a wealth of experience in the industry having started out in recording studios in London and going on to become a freelance recording and mix engineer. He lectured in Audio Engineering and project-managed professional studio builds before joining Avid, where he manages a team of audio specialists covering Europe, Middle East and Africa, helping Avid’s many and varied audio customers to find the right solutions.

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