Future-proofing Media Workflows through

Software-Defined Storage

Download the new Avid Next Generation News Production Solution Brief

For decades, broadcasters were in command of the news cycle—not anymore. Today’s audiences expect their news instantaneously, and often turn to a multitude of online sources to get the story. In order to succeed in the new media environment, broadcasters need to be quick, agile, and interactive—while maintaining their editorial values. They also have to do more with fewer resources and tightening budgets.

This solution brief explores the challenges facing modern newsrooms and offers expert advice to help you optimize your entire news production workflow using the latest technology.
You’ll discover how new Avid story-centric news workflows can help your organization:
  • Empower journalists to focus on creativity rather than technology
  • Boost newsroom efficiency with a more streamlined and integrated workflow 
  • Deliver breaking news across multiple outlets—without changing existing infrastructure
  • Create and deliver stories more quickly from the field and share content with other teams
  • Streamline your graphics workflow and deliver richer, more engaging stories 

The broadcast ecosystem is changing rapidly, and your ability to thrive depends on having a dynamic news production workflow—download the solution brief now.

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